Hello Catechism Parents,

We would like to announce that we are going to start catechism classes on 9/20. Please register for classes by email or at church by 9/14. You can also email us at or 

We want to let you know this year that you will have the option of doing catechism virtually though “Zoom meetings” online, or in person onsite through church. Please work with your catechism teacher for details. PLEASE indicate on your registration form whether you prefer a virtual class or onsite. Onsite classroom classes will require social distancing and the utilization of masks. Please contact me with any questions. The registration form is attached.

The recommended donation for catechism is as follows:

  • $35 per child or 
  • $90 for 3 kids 
  • (optional- money donation for classroom supplies are welcome). We are in need of  glue, construction paper, crayons, markers, dry eraser markers, etc.

Acceptable payment: cash or check made payable to OUR LADY OF REDEMPTION (OLR) 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Please pass this message to your friends / family that are new to the church or to those not receiving the information. REMEMBER, catechism starts at 4 years old, and goes through 8th grade. It has been a great experience for many of our kids. Thank you for your cooperation.

In Christ,
Tom and Susanna Sokol

Hello Melkite parents,

We have catechism starting Sunday September 20,2020 .I hope you are excited. These are challenging times to manage learning but we can do it together. It is tough for your kids formal education schools to handle so please be patient with us as we try to satisfy everyone and make them feel included. I want to review in summary what we are rolling out for tomorrow:

1. We will start at 10am. Please be on time. We will do social distancing the best we can.

2. Please have the kids wear masks for the class. We will have hand sanitizer too. 

3. For second grade Reconciliation parents that did not do it last year: Please send your kids to 3rd grade, and in around February, we will bring them back to 2nd grade for Reconciliation curriculum.

4. For Kindergarten/Pre-School, we will not be having virtual. Susanna Sokol will be the teacher. Please be nice to her. She has to put up with me , If you cannot bring your kids to onsite, you can get your catechism book from the church office and can home school them catechism. They are too small for virtual at this age. We will support you with any questions you have.

5. For 1st grade Amal will be your teacher. She is one of our best volunteers at church. WE are lucky to have her. She will be onsite tomorrow. She is also offering virtual here: 

6. For 2nd grade Tony Soloman will be your teacher. This is his 10th year. God Bless him, he is one of the GOAT. He will be onsite. He will also be virtual:

7. For 3rd and 4th, Paullette Qussar volunteered and did not even hesitate. She is one of the most loyal Melkites in our community. She will be onsite. No virtual this week but we will next. Thank you Paulette.

8. For 5th and 6th, Tom Sokol, the ugly bald guy with the nice wife will be the teacher again. He will be onsite tomorrow and offer virtual here:

9. For 7th and 8th we have Deacon Rick stepping up to be a teacher for this group. He is amazing and no Deacon in our Diocese gives a sermon like him. Thank you Deacon Rick. No virtual this week but will have virtual next.

Thank you for your patience and remember we are all volunteers .

Thank you parents for being committed. God Bless.

For Registration form please visits our website: Under catechism category